Outer Limits – Beyond Medical Boundaries July 2019, with Liverpool Hospitals Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, Mr George Ampat (Tr and Orth) and Dr Michael Hooper, London GP /MSc in Nutrition

First blog post in a very long time!

Thank you so much to everybody who attended our recent exploratory health talk – Outer Limits – Beyond Medical Boundaries – this year at Cycle 360 which took place on July 14th. Stunning venue and super turn-out! With over 80 tickets sold we are very pleased to say the event managed to break even with costs for: (reduced hire fee) Cycle 360, event advertising, plant-based ingredients and some money towards travel for our speakers – neither of whom charged a fee for their appearance. 22 people requested £5 tickets due to autoimmune arthritis issues and though we forgot our feedback forms, all feedback so far has unanimously positive. We did personally feel that perhaps we overstepped the concentration and time mark by throwing in an extra surprise speaker, but hope everyone there still found the night relevant and inspiring. A couple of people have also requested follow up information – or action plans – this is something we will be having a think about over the next few weeks so do keep an eye on our Facebook page!

This year it was really interesting to hear the role a plant-based and other life-style interventions potentially have to play in the prevention and management of chronic health conditions from a medical perspective. Both our physicians – Mr George Ampat – a Liverpool Hospitals Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon (Tri and Orth), and Dr Michael Hooper – a London based GP with an MSc in Nutrition (also part of the original vegan pledge concept that led to Veganuary), gave us a ton of ‘food for thought.’ Especially noteworthy, was George’s powerful reminder of the role fibre – and bowel movements! have to play in relation to gut bacteria, as well as the importance – as always, of exercise, strong relationships and life purpose with regards to health and well-being. Interesting too to see Michael’s charts and studies to back up such claims. A huge thank you therefore to our two wonderful doctors who travelled to the Island to represent the UK’s Plant-Based Health Professionals Body. Thanks also to Cycle 360 – who were fantastic, and our wonderful volunteers – Emma Lynch for making all those delicious plant-based treats, and Heidi Danaher for the Smoothies. Videos of this event will shortly be loaded on the second slide of our Homepage.

Please note – our exploratory talks are exactly that – exploratory – autoimmune arthritis conditions tend to be serious and must be respected as such. Any complementary health support must always be done with the full knowledge and consent of your main healthcare practitioner and in line with your medical regime.

Andy Murphy who completed the Lands End to John O-Groats Kayak in 91 days – raising money for Without Wings!

Next up! And really this should be first! HE DID IT! Andy Murphy – lifelong friend to our Manx super kayaking hero, Steve Watt, completed the gruelling kayak expedition from Lands End to John O Groats in 91 days – complete with nightly beach camps! Though our pair of seadogs were also fulfilling post retirement ambitions – with the wonderful Steve making it over half-way, Andy and Steve have been raising money for Without Wings! Thank you so much guys – we’ll do a little montage of their efforts on our Facebook page over the next few days and if you’re feeling generous, please do click on the link and add a few pounds <3 Amazing and truly awe-inspiring!

Last up! You may have heard that Without Wings is on the cusp of entering a new era! We’ve had a true rollercoaster of a few years (mostly good!)as we’ve worked to get ourselves off the ground. Now, somehow, the fates have aligned and we are extremely excited to announce that preparations are underway to take our vision even further! We can’t say much more until everything has been legally cleared, but we are basically in the process of teaming up with a much bigger charity with a view to expanding and developing our services. This is brilliant and will mean several things.

Firstly, will be in a position to meet the needs of a greater section of society.

Secondly, it’s hard work making a big impact as a small charity – our partnership and our brand new Constitution will ensure that we can have a deeper influence in our campaign for greater awareness – and therefore greater compassion, for those unfortunate enough to find themselves facing chronically sickness.

Thirdly, charity partnerships are the future. Good teamwork and pooling of resources can ensure less waste/ duplication, more productivity, greater impact and can also provide a stronger community of support for those in need. Without Wings are very honoured and excited at this opportunity and we can’t wait to get stuck in! A more definitive announcement coming soon! In the meantime, have an excellent Summer!