How You Can Donate

You can donate via our Just Giving Page (link below) or send physical donations to:

Mrs S Grace,
Without Wing’s Treasurer
25 Fairway Close
Isle of Man

Calling All Northern Co-op Members!

If you live in the North and are a Co-op member, then throughout 2018 you can choose us as your community fund cause! Find out more here:

Donate Today

We desperately need funds – please help! 

Alongside the other services we help fund, Without Wings are presently in the negotiating stages of purchasing a share of a counsellor via the Lisa Lowe Centre. This means that in addition to the fast access and excellent quality counselling we presently buy into, we will also be able to move towards providing counsellor led support groups. As well as this, we hope to be able to automatically provide a courtesy home visit to every person going through diagnosis. This is a dream come true: early emotional support intervention, at home and from a trained professional, can be essential during diagnosis and can go a long way to helping avoid traumatic reactions later down the line. However, it is also expensive! If you are interested in donating or organising a fundraiser on our behalf, please get in contact here. Every penny counts!

Some Kind Words From Our Donators

“This donation is from Fortress Management Services Limited. Thank you for your dedication to this very worthy cause.”


Fortress Management Services Limited

Some Kind Words From Our Donators

“Well done. Enjoyed the show on Saturday.”


Debbie Callin

Some Kind Words From Our Donators

“Well done looney tunies xxx”



Some Kind Words From Our Donators

“I hope all your dream come true.”



Some Kind Words From Our Donators

“May all your dreams come true xx”



Thank You

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for the kind contributions to us

Mr Rob Farrer for our first lucky tenner!

IOM Ship Registry


Mr Matheus Van Oers

Celton Manx

Lindsey Meechan

Pigs on the Wing

Haxby family charity car wash

Nicola Kermode - parish walk fundraiser

Manx Telecom

Inner Wheel IOM

Douglas Golf Club - ladies

Hann-FX and Jordy-MC

Shoprite (vouchers)

Peel Charity Shop

Douglas Ladies Tangent

Ramsey Co-op

Ramsey Press (literature)

We are incredible grateful for all donations. They will all going along way to give us our wings!

Become a Volunteer

Are you passionate about compassion? We occasionally need volunteers to help out at our events or to help us raise money, or maybe even – for the brave few! To help us deliver our educational talks about how to thrive, not just survive with autoimmune arthritis. If you would like to do something to help us out, please get in contact today and we’ll give you some ideas about how you can.