Complementary Health Fair

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Laxey – Working Mens Institute
Sunday 25’th March
11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Love to Move Bouncy Castle Day!

Celebrating movement to highlight the impact of autoimmune arthritis on younger people – both our affected children with JIA and adults living with these illnesses whilst raising young families. In conjunction with Soundcheck.

To Be Confirmed
Saturday 16’th June
To Be Confirmed

Tales of the Unexpected II:

Healing Against the Odds. Another event not to be missed! International speaking event featuring plant based and bikram yoga fuelled JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) super surviving superstar, Katy Hoodamgen all the way from America, and Noa and Bakehouse

Douglas – Noa Bakehouse
Sunday 22’nd July
7:00 pm

Mental Health Awareness Week

Not to be missed! Public Skype session with Charles Linden, author, TV presenter, educator and devisor of TLM – The Linden Method for complete Anxiety Recovery. This event is free but spaces will be limited so please register your interest as soon as possible.

Laxey – Working Mens Institute.
Tuesday 14’th May
6:45 pm for 7:00 pm

Tynwald Day

Promoting healthy eating and autoimmune arthritis – colouring comp and fortune telling fun, smoothie stand and plant based treats. Come and find us and say hello!

Tynwald – St Johns
Tuesday 5’th July
To Be Confirmed

Without Wings 2nd Anniversary

Variety performance with a twist.

Laxey – Working Mens Institute
Saturday 20’th October
To Be Confirmed


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