Lands End to John O'Groats in 91 days!


You can still click the link below to sponsor Andy Murphy and Steve Watt – but we’re amazed to say – Andy just finished! We are in awe! Steve also did a stunning effort – paddling over halfway from Lands End to John O’Groats – great work guys – well done! More updates on their journey on our Facebook page and also in our latest blog – where you’ll also find information about Outer Limits – Beyond Medical Boundaries – which was a fabulous event

Tales Of The Unexpected -

Healing Against The Odds

Tales of the Unexpected II took place in July to a packed house at the lovely Noa Bakehouse, and was a fantastic success. Many thanks to our speakers, Katy Hoogendam and Iida van der Byl Knoefel and also to Andy Swarbrick, one of last year’s speakers, who returned this year in a support capacity. Also a massive thank you once again to Manx Radio, IOM Newspapers and Manx Life for their on-going support, and for helping to spread the word of this particular event – a fascinating and at times heart-breaking look at Autoimmune Arthritis. This evening was designed to explore the much mooted benefits of a low fat plant based diet on the progression of illnesses such as Autoimmune Arthritis.

Autoimmune Arthritis The Facts

Thriving not just Surviving with Autoimmune Arthritis

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How We Can Help

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Without Wings – The Manx Autoimmune Arthritis Trust.

Without Wings, the Manx Autoimmune Arthritis Trust received its charity number in October 2016. Here at Without Wings, we use ‘autoimmune arthritis’ as an umbrella term for diseases whereby the immune system attacks, amongst other systems in the body, the joints, and therefore mobility. Our constitution covers all manifestations of autoimmune arthritis, the most common of which include rheumatoid, psoriatic and juvenile arthritis, lupus and ankylosing spondylitis. Notoriously unpredictable, difficult to control and currently cited as ‘progressive and incurable,’ autoimmune arthritis conditions affect approximately 1 to 1-5% of the local population and usually require a lifetime of escalating and aggressive medication.

As the minority of all ‘arthritis’ diagnoses (approximately 15-20%), until now, these illnesses have been widely misunderstood by the general public and their impact on the social and emotional – as well as physical health of sufferers, underestimated. Autoimmune arthritis illnesses can affect anyone of any age, often first strike when people are in the prime of their lives and can also affect the skin, eyes and internal organs as well as the joints. Their impact on mobility can make them particularly isolating conditions with some reports that up to 40% of sufferers also have a diagnosis of depression.

We can’t take your diagnosis away, but whether you or your loved ones want to discuss your unique situation with our accredited counsellor, have access to useful information or need financial support for other compassionate services, we will endeavour to provide whatever we can in order to enable you to thrive, not just survive when you are most ‘without wings,’ or your freedom.

In doing so we aim to fill the NHS service gap that is the safeguarding of the mental and emotional health of people living with these conditions.

Our Mission

” To raise awareness and provide information and compassionate funding for people living with these illnesses when they are most ‘without wings’ – their physical or emotional freedom.”

Without Wings – The Manx Autoimmune Arthritis Trust.

2019 -2020 Events

  • > Saturday October 26th – Without Wings Presents – Murder at the Juice Joint! An exciting and fun fundraising Murder Mystery in conjunction with original spoken word theatrical group, Penny Productions, to celebrate our third anniversary!
  • > December 24th – Annual Fund and Awareness Raising Seasonal Trombonathon outside M & S
  • > Sunday February 9th 2020 – Without Wing’s Complementary Health Fair 
  • > Saturday April 25th – Without Wings Big Band A Thing in conjunction with Quids Inn – Charity Fundraiser

How We Can Help

  • Our ever evolving counselling service in conjunction with the wonderful Lisa Lowe Centre is fully funded by Without Wings, the Manx Autoimmune Arthritis Trust.
  • We can provide discretionary funding towards complementary health support programmes such as healthy reflexology, craniosacral, acupuncture, homoeopathy etc. These services are often invaluable when it comes to helping sufferers feel calmer, more supported and better in control of their health.
  • Without Wings can offer discretionary funding toward physical rehabilitation programmes, short term home help, or help with the purchase of physical aid equipment.

What Is Autoimmune Arthritis? The Facts:

  1. The most common autoimmune arthritis illnesses include: rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis (RA and PsA), ankylosing spondylitis (AS), lupus and juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). However, there are actually dozens of types of autoimmune arthritis.
  2. These illnesses are often ‘invisible.’ This means the person can look perfectly healthy even when struggling, a particular problem for people of working age.
  3. RA, PsA, AS, lupus and JIA are serious autoimmune illnesses. Cited as ‘progressive and incurable,’ they can affect the entire body.

What does Without Wings hope to achieve?

Hear from some of the inspirational people – especially from our community, who have found ways to live well in spite of, or sometimes, because of their condition. Some might have taken the opportunity to completely overhaul their life style. Others may have found smaller, yet just as significant, ways to positively face these challenges such as nurturing family or friendship groups, or through giving their time and efforts to others. Some have even focused on developing new skills.

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