• Thank you so much Tracy Southern! Over £71 raised at her fascinating talk our Australian Bush Flower Remedies!
  • The role of Complementary Medicine in supporting physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Without Wing’s First Anniversary Celebration Preparations have begun!
  • “DANCE OF THE DEVIL’S SNUFFBOX’ Will take place Saturday 21st October, 8pm, Laxey Working Men’s Institute. Tickets are £10 and available via the link on our homepage. GET YOURS SOON AS THEIR IS LIMITED AVAILABILITY! For more info…. READ ON!

First off, a huge thank you to Tracy Southern, not just for the money she raised for Without Wings, but also for the lovely, informative evening regarding homeopathy, in particular, Bush Flower Remedies.

Tracy, who was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis aged only 13, turned to homeopathy during her 30s. Finding it of immense benefit, both physically and emotionally, she decided to train herself and is now a fully qualified practitioner. During the talk she told us all about the various essences and how they can help to balance the person holistically, as well as giving us some of the history behind the development of Bush Flower Remedies.

Emotional and mental health is a blurred area when it comes to chronic physical health problems. It is also an area that falls through a loop in the NHS, because people who struggle with their illness are not, of course! Necessarily mentally ill, but often do feel stressed, isolated, or are in pain and discomfort. Talking therapy can always be useful – especially during diagnosis or when going through a particular illness related challenge. Sometimes, however, people just need that extra boost, or level of support to help them cope with the day to day grind of living with pain and mobility issues.

This is where complementary therapy really comes into its own. Reiki, acupuncture and massage have all been proven to have pain relieving benefits, whilst therapies such as homeopathy can also help to balance the system from a holistic point of view. Then of course there are mind-body ‘therapies’ such as yoga, tai chi and of course, meditation. Not only can these these be hugely helpful to people living with chronic health problems, but they can also serve as a great preventative, so helping people avoid later, more serious secondary mental health issues.

Without Wings offers compassionate and essential funding to people living with autoimmune arthritis. This includes providing funding towards complementary medicine treatment plans. If you feel this may be of benefit, please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we can discuss this further. If you are a practitioner, please do get in contact too regarding our complementary health day next Spring. (Any funding awards are at the discretion of the Trustees and dependent on funds).


Can it really be that Without Wings is nearly a whole year old? It seems impossible! A year ago, we provisionally decided we would run some kind of variety performance for our 1st anniversary, then changed our minds and decided to do a ball, then the ball looked too expensive… and so… It’s all a little last minute but we are SO EXCITED to say that to celebrate our 1st anniversary we have joined forces with the wonderful Manx Litfest to bring to you,

‘The Dance of the Devil’s Snuffbox! An atmospheric evening of disembodied song, macabre rhymes, rap and stories, a chance to dance and singalong! Bring drink and make merry, dress up or dress down, wear hats, masks or costume, but come and have fun!

An off beat alternative evening of literary performance, storytelling and song, set to the backdrop of prize winning writer Janet Lees’ photography. Also to include an auction of framed works by local writers. The funds raised by this event will be split equally between Without Wings and The Manx Litfest.

We are SO grateful to all the performers who have agreed to take part at such short notice. These include: international prize winning writers, Janet Lees and Kim Kneen, local rap superstars, Han-fx and Jordi-MC – who will perform both acapello and later, as a band, for anyone enthusiastic enough to stay on for a dance! 2014 and 2015 Litfest poetry slam winner, Georgia Lisette, alongside her Feral co-host, Bill Strutt, Stephen Goldsmith from Ludicrous Tales and Short Stories, Peto Su Rosso from Story telling, Simon Smart with his haunting songs and Dilys Sowery and Mel Keig to lead a debauched singalong at some point. We are still awaiting a few confirmations, including, hopefully, either the winners or runners up of this year’s Manx Litfest Short Story and Poetry slams – taking place THIS WEEK! And a couple of other exciting names. The theme is loosely based around story telling of a slightly macabre, humorous or atmospheric nature, but is basically just set to be a fun and hopefully, very entertaining!

Please do come and support us on the 21st if you can. It’s been a fantastic year and we’ll do a ‘looking back’ blog next month. Providing compassionate support and funding to people living with autoimmune arthritis is such a huge deal – as it is with any chronic health problem. We really hope people are beginning to see that we can provide support where there is currently a  service gap in our NHS. Our aim is to ensure that we provide as much awareness, information and compassionate funding possible, so that no one on the Island living with either the primary or distress of autoimmune arthritis or secondary complications, ever need feel isolated.

Have a great month! Looking forward to seeing people at the Dance of the Devil’s Snuffbox!