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Hi everybody! Well, though we have no big events planned until March 2018, life at Without Wings is still very exciting! So exciting in fact, that on the back of National Self Care Week – which we recently mentioned on our Facebook page, we have decided it is necessary to pace things a little. Our awareness campaign which we hoped to run in conjunction with a local artist over the Winter months is therefore on hold until further notice. This will still happen as despite all our efforts, we are still encountering people who do not understand these illnesses. This can be a major problem for sufferers – both in terms of delayed diagnosis and also frustration – especially when these illnesses often first strike when people are of working/ child bearing age, as well as children! Non sufferers might not think it so important to understand these illnesses, but for the people who have to endure them everyday, it can be immensely beneficial to know that they do! Especially family, friends and work colleagues.

Just to clarity, there are hundreds of autoimmune arthritis conditions, the most common being rheumatoid, psoriatic and juvenile arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and lupus. However, collectively, they still remain (thankfully), only 15-20% of all ‘arthritis’ diagnosis. This means that quite regularly, even the more well known rheumatoid arthritis, is often confused as a disease of ageing. However, our awareness project is currently SHELVED. Anyone passionate about getting it off the ground, please do not hesitate and we will add you to our focus group 🙂

Funding! People have been so generous! Thank you, thank you! Especially to the wonderful Peel Charity Shop who recently gave us a very generous gift of £2000! And also to the lovely Douglas Ladies Tangent Club who kindly donated to our cause in exchange for an educational talk. This talk was entitled: ‘Thriving not Surviving with Autoimmune Arthritis.’ There are a couple of us available for educational talks of this kind, please get in contact if you would like us to come to your organisation. We do try and make our talks entertaining and I personally apologise to anyone who got shot by a water pistol during the Tangent dinner last week!

In addition to the above, we are very happy to say that Ramsey Co-op have recently accepted us as one of their causes to support over the coming 11 months! This is a huge scoop. Without Wings will be in Ramsey Co-op 1-2pm Saturday afternoon if you would like to come and say hello. If you would like to support us, please click on the link above. 🙂

All this funding is fabulous. We are receiving more and more queries each day – especially with regard to people looking for counselling. The funding means that not only can we offer this brilliant service – that comes via the Lisa Lowe Trust, but also that we can continue to build a watertight business plan to present to the Department of Health – something we are working on all the time. This will ensure that all GPs are encouraged to promote our cause, which will help us to reach those most in need of our services.

Without Wing’s overall aim is to ensure that people living with these illnesses have the best access to mental and emotional health support possible. In doing so, it is hoped that we can help sufferers avoid all too common escalating health issues – especially those linked to isolation, by enabling them to feel better supported and understood. Also, as counselling is not for everyone, we can now provide funding towards any accredited complementary healthcare programme. To be able to offer this is a fantastic position to be in, as therapies such as reiki, acupuncture, reflexology and cranio-sacral in particular, and also programmes such as yoga and tai chi, are often immensely beneficial to people living with these illnesses. Good mental health support is essential when it comes to ‘thriving, not just surviving’ with these illnesses, which brings us neatly to…

OMG we did it!! It took some persuading as Charles Linden, devisor of the Linden Method for Anxiety Recovery, is a popular man – but he has now agreed to do a live, public Skype session in the evening of May 14th 2018. This is during Mental Health Awareness Week. The best news of all is that Charles is doing this for FREE! SO THIS TALK IS ALSO FREE to anyone who would like to come and listen to his presentation, and also have the opportunity to put forward any questions. Skeptic or believer, please come – though tickets will be limited. We will be expecting to have representations from the healthcare community as this is important and very positive information regarding the various manifestations of anxiety disorders. It is simply too good a chance to miss. More info on Charles will be coming in future blogs and fingers crossed we can get all the logistics of this event to run nice and smoothly!

Get ready for Tales of the Unexpected : Healing Against the Odds part II… Coming to a Noa Bakehouse near you soon! July 22nd 2018 to be precise and this has quite unexpectedly ballooned into something of an international natural healing event! We have now had queries from no fewer than 9 people from as far away as America, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and England, all wishing to attend – and ALL of these people have either used a strict plant based diet to recover from autoimmune arthritis, or are in the process of doing so! It is both a little overwhelming and very nice, to know that a little charity event based in the Isle of Man managed to become such an international hit! Currently we are keeping the format the same as 2017 – two speakers in the evening of the 22nd. However, if everyone does make it, including Clint Paddison himself, ex RA sufferer and devisor of the Paddison Programme for Rheumatoid Arthritis!!! We are sure it will evolve into a few separate events/ workshops.

We wanted to focus on women this year. Our previous speakers were both men and there was some question as to whether or not men recover easier than women (who are also more likely to be affected). Our invited speakers therefore are presently:

26 year old Katy Hoogemdam from America, who has lived with RA since she was 10 months old and is just remarkable. Since embarking on the Paddison Programme 300 days ago (today, so I’m told!), she is doing brilliantly, off all the pain killers she had been taking her whole life and now turning her attention to shifting the Enbrel. In 300 days Katy has also attended close to 300 yoga classes. She has video footage of her whole life with JIA/RA and is just wonderful. She CANNOT be missed.

Our second booked speaker is Iida , a Swedish lady from London! Iida’s story is remarkable because she not only used plant based eating and aerobic exercise to recover from RA, but went on to a baby – flare free! Having a baby with RA can be a very tricky business, so Iida’s story is beautiful. And hopefully we’ll get to meet her baby too!

Please note: Without Wings is firmly committed to researching natural healing methods that we have seen to have consistent, positive results. However, we also respect that attempting to heal naturally is not easy and is therefore not for everyone. It can also be a stressful topic for some. This information is therefore for people who find natural healing an important part of their coping strategy. Without Wings provides compassionate support for everyone regardless of how they choose to deal with their diagnosis and respects the individual decision. We ask that others do the same. These illnesses are also volatile and can be unpredictable. No natural healing attempts should ever be made without full consultation with your healthcare provider.

Lastly, thanks to all the funding we have recently received, we are hoping to finally overhaul our literature and website. It has been brought to our attention that we aren’t coming up in search engines and the ‘weebly’ part of our website has confused a few. Until now we have not spent a penny on the website – hence these issues, and have also spent very little on our literature as most of that was also free. We are therefore looking at how to make our website more accessible and how best to present our literature so our services are clear. Right, my hands are gone. Laters everyone!