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Happy belated New Year to everyone! How crazy that Christmas was exactly a month ago today!

First of all, a huge, huge thank you to Lenny Conroy and Triskel Promotions for all their wonderful support for Without Wings over the festive season. Somewhere in the region of £2,500 was raised between the bucket collection at the Davy Knowle’s gigs, the Southern New Year’s Day Dips and the T shirt sales! Absolutely fantastic! This will all go towards the services we are now in a position to offer which include:

Our fully funded counselling initiative and our discretionary funded projects: complementary health support, physical rehabilitation programmes, physical aids and help around the home. All these services are available for people living with these illnesses when they are most ‘without wings,’ or their freedom – either physically or emotionally.

We are very excited to say that today’s update will be our final blog from this website! From next week, we will have a whole new website. www.withoutwings.co.uk is just entering its final ‘tidying up’ stage and all bar crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s will be with you VERY SOON along with a super inspirational AMBASSADOR!

The decision to revamp our website was based on several considerations. Firstly, from feedback, we knew some people found this site a little difficult to locate in search engines – or were confused by the ‘weebly’ aspect. This will therefore be removed and our new website will be www.withoutwings.co.uk  Secondly, feedback also told us that people would prefer a more visual approach that was easier to navigate. Our new website is SUPER CLEAR! With big buttons, pictures and quotes! We will also be replacing the blog with a newsletter so the layout will be clearer. People will be able to sign up to receive the newsletter by email which will help everyone keep tabs on our events…. Which look set to be just as exciting this year – if not then MORE exciting,  than last!

Coming up Sunday, 25th March, Laxey Working Men’s Institute, 11am till 4pm – Complementary Health Fair – FREE! To attend. ALL WELCOME!

Living with pain and mobility issues can be stressful and upsetting. Here at Without Wings we believe that addressing your psychological wellbeing should be a primary, not secondary (or non!) consideration. Finding the correct support for you – be it healthy eating, appropriate exercise, counselling or a complementary therapy such as reflexology, can have a huge positive impact on your emotional/mental, and therefore overall health. However, which service to choose?

This has probably been our most frequently asked question over the last year. The honest answer is, it really depends on the individual. We therefore thought why not give people a chance to come and find out for themselves!

Without Wings can offer discretionary funding to any sufferer of autoimmune arthritis for a course of complementary treatment with an accredited practitioner. We can also offer discretionary funding for physical rehabilitation/ maintenance classes, such as yoga, pilates, or rehab gym work. Here’s your chance to explore a few of the services the Isle of Man has to offer and see what you feel might help.

Other events to look forward to:

Tuesday May 15th in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week, Laxey Working Mens Institute, 6.45 for 7pm start – public Skype Session with Charles Linden, devisor of The Linden Method – an incredibly simple but stunningly brilliant approach to tackling anxiety disorders that is off the scale in compassion.

Here at Without Wings we love Charles Linden. An ex sufferer himself (for 27 years), his common sense, non invasive, easy, refreshing to implement and inexpensive programme (it comes with a full 12 months worth of telephone support from his team of highly trained psychotherapists,) is the bee’s knees. As this event is part of an information drive and as Charles is also not charging for his services, it will be FREE! HOWEVER! Spaces will be limited to 100. You can email us at withoutwingsiom@gmail.com to register interest anytime from now, with an allocation of 60 tickets being held back to be launched mid March.

Saturday June 16th – Details to be confirmed. LOVE TO MOVE BOUNCY CASTLE DAY! In conjunction with Soundcheck IOM – celebrating the gift of movement with a load of bouncy castles. It can be so tough dealing with crippling illness when you should be in the throes of life. This event is to highlight the impact of autoimmune arthritis especially on younger people – those affected by JIA (including adults who have grown up with JIA), younger affected adults, and also parents with these illnesses who are coping with bringing up young families. ALL WELCOME!

July 5th – tbc Tynwald Day – promoting healthy eating, fortune telling and colouring comp!

Noa Bakehouse £10 per person, £5 for sufferers of autoimmune arthritis.

Our two confirmed speakers are now as follows!
Katy Hoogamdem all the way from the USA and Iida van der Byl-Knoefel, a Swedish lady in London. 

Katy, aged 26, has suffered from JIA since the age of 10 months – her story is NOT TO BE MISSED! She has video footage of her whole life and quite a story to tell. Katy began the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis one year ago. She practices Bikram Yoga everyday and has made huge progress through this low fat, plant based diet. She would describe her healing as a work in progress, but her diligence, persistence and unwavering positive attitude to life, despite the extensive physical damage she has endured over the years, makes her just an incredible inspirational speaker. Really, not to be missed. Katy’s inspirational story will be coming to our new website soon….

Iida was diagnosed with RA in her early 30s and embarked on the Paddison Programme almost immediately with fantastic results. In fact, she has done so well that she is now not only completely medication and RA symptom FREE, but she has managed to have a baby – no mean feat with these illnesses, especially without a relapse. If this wasn’t achievement enough, she then went on to write and publish a plant based cookbook! Iida will be here with her husband and young son for the event, and will be talking about her journey to wellness as well as, fingers crossed, providing us with a plant based cooking workshop some time over the weekend!  More details on this to be confirmed.

Last year’s event was a sell out! You can register your interest early and reserve a place by emailing us at withoutwingsiom@gmail.com. A number of tickets will be held back to be launched for sale closer to the time. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter when the new website is launched next week for more info! Danny and Andy are also set to return so you can catch up with them and hear all about how they are doing at the event too 🙂

That’s all for now! See you on the other side!