Hello! Hark the joys (and bugs!) of spring! Well it’s taken a while – what with getting to grips with the new website and a few health issues, to get round to our latest blog – but all good things come to those who wait and better late than never etc etc… So here it is! And not a moment too soon either, for THIS SUNDAY…

…Sees the first of Without Wing’s major events for 2018- our Complementary Health Fair! This event, which will be taking place at Laxey Working Mens Institute between 11am and 4pm, is FREE, open to ALL, and will feature over 20 of our wonderful local complementary health care practitioners.  This will include such services as healthy eating, reflexology, homeopathy, massage, mindful meditation (1-3pm only), acupuncture, pilates, reiki and many more. Please do drop in to say hello and try and blag yourself a few minutes worth of free pampering! Parking is across the road and there is also disabled parking on request. In addition to this, there will  be a space to park any reluctant partners downstairs,  by the kitchen in our ‘chill zone’, (to feature newspapers, mellow music, DIY spider head massages and free herbal teas), and we have also sectioned off the stage area for ‘Maeve’s Lego,’ where slightly older children can be deposited whilst you browse (Maeve has kindly requested that no one tries to pinch her lego! 🙂 Younger children will have to supervised here as the area is slightly elevated.) Also, did we mention soup? Because yes! There will also be a HUGE batch of homemade veggie soup (many thanks to Shoprite for donating the veg <3 ) a few crusts of sourdough bread to go with it, for those who get in quick enough! (Many thanks to Rosa and Ian of Rosa’s Pantry <3 ) and some very exciting and very experimental attempts at turmeric latte! (bear with us here, we will be doing our best!) These will all be by whatever donation you can afford to stick in our bucket. 

With an opportunity to ‘meet the counsellor’ between 11am and 1pm, this event will also be highlighting the latest development of our ever evolving partnership with the Lisa Lowe Centre. Thanks to all the financial support we received last year – and the brilliant support from the Northern Co-op community fundraising scheme this year, we are now in the incredible position of being able to purchase a share of a counsellor, rather than purchase on a session by session basis. This means we can now run a much more tailored counselling service to people living with autoimmune arthritis. In a nutshell, as well as offering counselling at the Lisa Lowe Centre itself, we are now able to send a counsellor to visit people in the comfort of their own homes in line with personal preference and of course, mobility. This level of compassion we believe can be a huge support boost – not just to sufferers, but also to their families, when people are most ‘without wings’ or their physical or emotional freedom. It also forms part of our continued campaign to enable people living with these illnesses to ‘thrive, not just survive,’ and so avoid the all too common pitfalls of anxiety and depression that can occur when appropriate health stress is not addressed and safely contained.

This is actually a dream come true. Here at Without Wings, we really believe that having someone taking a genuine and compassionate interest in the individual trials and tribulations of living with these conditions, as well as being on tap with useful information, is a primary, not a secondary need. Please, if you are struggling and either you or your loved ones need help processing your situation, or just need some information, get in contact. Looking after our emotional health might seem frivolous, but is actually one of the least selfish things we can do. People in need actually using the charity also makes all our hard work all the worthwhile and makes us very happy!

The event itself is to highlight the importance of self care – as a preventative measure for anyone, but of course, as a supportive measure for those of us living with chronic illnesses such as the many variants of autoimmune arthritis. It also highlights one of the services Without Wings has to offer – which is to provide funding towards complementary health programmes when people are struggling with these conditions and in need of that extra bit of calm and support. All practitioners attending on the day can apply to be included under the ‘Information’ Page of our website. Please note – attendance on the day and inclusion on the website is not necessarily indicative of an endorsement by Without Wings, but only to provide info for the public. All in in all, this is set to be a lovely day and we hope to see you there 🙂


AN ABSOLUTELY HUGE THANK YOU! To Lenny Conroy and Triskel Promotions who raised £2754!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through all their amazing work at the Davy Knowles’s gigs and the Southern New Years day dips! This is ASTOUNDING and SO welcome giving the various compassionate fundraising initiatives we are presently running. The last of the cheques were received last week and we hoped to get a pic in here, but can’t work out how to just yet, so instead we’ll stick something on our Facebook page next week 🙂 THANKS LENNY!

Also massive thanks to Mr Matheus Van Oers for yet again another generous donation and an ABSOLUTELY GINOOOOOORMOUS THANK YOU TO RAMSEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL for their dress down day in aid of Without Wings, the Manx Autoimmune Arthritis Trust. You all really have no idea how much it means to us to receive this incredible support. We are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure every penny is put to fantastic use and just as soon as we get our…

NEWSLETTER off the ground, (to sign up to our newsletter please see the homepage of our website!), donators as well as people living with these illnesses, or people who just have an interest in our work, will be able to see what we are doing, when we are doing it, and how we are working hard to plug that NHS service gap which is the provision of psychological and emotional support to people with an autoimmune arthritis diagnosis. Also – a continued thank you to the support we have received from both Shoprite and the Co-op. Northerners! Remember – if you are a Co-op member you can still sign up to support Without Wings until November. The Co-op will also have a table at the fair on Sunday, so if you are unsure how to nominate us, please pop along and chat to them – they are absolutely lovely. This funding, we hope, will cover the main bulk of the cost of our counsellor for one full year – so is a very big deal. Also at the fair, there will be a representative from Disability Networks. This excellent charity serves as a local disability information directory. There are so many services and charities out there that can, and should be put to good use – whether you have a disability related to autoimmune arthritis or not. We are hoping to do a website feature piece on Disability Networks over the coming few weeks, to plug a little more of the work of this fab charity.

And last but not LEAST! As soon as the Fair is over, we will begin our promotion for our May event in conjunction with mental health awareness week – May 15th 6.45 for a 7pm start, again at Laxey Working Mens Institute. This event will feature a free, public Skype session with Charles Linden, ex anxiety sufferer, educationalist and devisor of TLM – The Linden Method for Complete Anxiety Recovery. The Skype presentation – which will include the opportunity for a Q and A session, is highly recommended to healthcare professionals and sufferers of anxiety alike. Is debilitating anxiety an ‘illness,’ or is it simply a side effect of our lack of understanding of the unique demands of the anxiety prone mind? Come and have a listen and, quite literally, make your own mind up!

See you Sunday!