Living Postitively

Living positively with chronic illness can sometimes feel impossible, yet it’s widely accepted as one of the best things you can do for your health. Without Wings has therefore chosen to dedicate a whole section to exploring the how? of this issue. Here, as well as helping you get some idea as to how our funding can help you or your group, we will also feature people – especially people from our community, who have found ways to live well in spite of, or sometimes, because of their condition. Some might have taken the opportunity to completely overhaul their life style. Others may have found smaller, yet just as significant, ways to positively face these challenges such as nurturing family or friendship groups, or through giving their time and efforts to others. Some have even focused on developing new skills.


Raise Awareness and Educate

Through raising awareness of these illnesses we move them into the public arena, so challenging public misperceptions and better educating friends, family and employers about these conditions. This in itself is an important first step to empower people living with what are often ‘invisible’ illnesses.


Provide useful information

By acting as a hub of information, we will endeavour to connect people to local and other groups. Be it a Facebook page, online or physical group you are after, or information on how to live well, we will do our best to help you find your support ‘tribe.’ We will also provide links to information on your diagnosis from national sites. Please note that we are not responsible for whatever information you find on any site or group beyond our website. Within the confines of these pages however, we have a strict policy of only providing positive and nurturing information.


Provide financial support

Providing funds for Essential and Compassionate Services when people living with these illnesses are most ‘Without Wings,’ or their freedom. This initiative is at the heart of our work. Here are ways in which we can help.

Psychological Support

Without Wings is very excited to announce that the Lisa Lowe Foundation has offered us the opportunity to tap into their psychology support services! Counselling sessions for people living with autoimmune arthritis will be funded by Without Wings, but will take place in the beautiful Lisa Lowe Centre in Douglas with one of their accredited counsellors. Protecting mental health not only provides that extra level of support and understanding, but is intrinsically important when it comes to controlling these often crippling conditions. Counselling is especially important, but not limited to, times of diagnosis, major flare, complications and surgery.

Practical Support

People struggling with these illnesses can apply to Without Wings for funding to cover short term help around the home, such as a cleaner or a gardener or certain rehabilitation services. We can also help fund the purchase of rehabilitation aids. On our ever evolving information page, you can also find details about support groups, benefits, useful charities and services. In addition to this, as part of our compassionate and useful information drive, Without Wings is committed to exploring self help methods that have a reliable track record of success and/ or might be of interest to sufferers and their loved ones. This information we will share on our information page and also via inspirational speakers. Everyone copes with their illness differently. Without Wings recognises and respects that for some such information can be a sensitive topic. This information is for people who find natural methods an important part of their strategy when dealing with their illness and would like to explore them further.

Complementary Therapies

People struggling with these illnesses can also apply to Without Wings for funding for Compassionate help in the form of aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture, reiki and reflexology etc. We are also planning to hold events or provide information regarding complementary therapy via guest blogs under ‘news.’ Funding for these services is currently limited.

Inspirational Stories

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